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As with many political careers—successful and “otherwise”—John Curtis’ road to city hall began at that perilous intersection where public virtue collides head-on with insanity (folly? senselessness?). And before anyone could quietly take him aside and explain this somewhat-normal midlife fender-bender-in-the-brain, he was walking all over the city knocking on doors, kissing babies (no small task in Provo!) and sharing his mayoral vision for a beach at Utah Lake.

Thankfully, like every story that begins in Provo, this one has a pretty good shot at a happy ending as well… except maybe not the kissing babies part. Mayor Curtis brings with him to City Hall many years of experience in private sector business management, a reputation for civic participation, and a passion for all things Provo. Of course this is all great, and maybe even helpful at times, but like every mayor before him, his success or “otherwise,” will depend almost completely on his ability to give an above-average tour of City Hall to the multitudinous troops of cub scouts who overrun the place most weekday afternoons.

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Problems Solved

Solving problems has been a theme of the last four years and it’s one of the aspects I like most about my job. There is clearly a common thread to problem solving and it’s teamwork. I have seen firsthand that when we combine the city staff, city council and our residents there is...

What I Like Best About My Job

I’m often asked if I like my job. The answer is always quick and no thought is needed. I have loved serving as the Mayor of Provo. Serving as your Mayor has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have enjoyed it top to bottom, inside to outside, early to late, good...

The Next Four Years

My next four years have the potential to be just as “Epic” as the last. There are plenty of projects and places to focus that may not be as noteworthy as some my think it’s important to make sure that Provo residents experience the highest quality of life as possible. I’ll be...

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