Government Spending

For years, the Republican party has criticized out-of-control government spending. Now that it’s our turn to lead, we must keep the promises we made to voters.

Where I Stand

Our national debt now exceeds the incomprehensible sum of $20T. Out-of-control spending  has become commonplace in Congress. Despite considerable pressure from my own party’s leadership and from other colleagues, I voted NO on a 2-year budget deal that would add $600 billion in new spending. I will not vote to raise the deficit without a plan to bring spending under control.

I also voted NO on a $1.3T, 2200-page omnibus spending bill that Congress had only a few hours to review, laid out no plan to pay for an increase in federal spending and that risked undermining the tax reforms we just passed. My NO votes on unrealistic spending bills are consistent with my personal, professional, and public track record. When I was mayor in Provo, for example, we reduced the city budget by 8%, an uncomfortable but necessary step. It was also important to me that I speak directly with each employee impacted by these changes and not shy away from hard conversations.

That is something I have continued in Washington. Since being elected as your Congressman, I have not shied away from hard conversations with my colleagues, with leadership and especially with you, the voters. I will continue to advocate and vote for responsible, limited government – and that includes government spending.

Utah’s 3rd Congressional District

My Work on Government Spending

Voted NO

On 2-year budget deal that added $300B in new spending each year and increased the deficit.


Voted NO

On $1.3T omnibus spending bill

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