The U.S. immigration system is in shambles. The results are disgraceful. I recently visited the southern border. I don’t care if you’re a Republican or Democrat – no one could see the conditions that exist at the border and not feel compassion and anger. Congress has failed to act. Others may fear the cable news networks, but I will step out and fight for immigration laws that make sense, permanently secure the border, respect human dignity, and meet U.S. economic needs. 

Where I Stand

I oppose amnesty. I’m fighting for effective immigration reform that secures the border once and for all, discourages illegal immigration, helps American businesses get needed workers, keeps families together, fixes immigration laws that make no sense at all, removes unnecessary obstacles to legal immigration, and welcomes law-abiding, productive people into our economy, society, and communities.

I support the DIGNITY Act, a comprehensive immigration fix. The DIGNITY Act:

  • Authorizes funding to fully secure America’s border with the best technology available at no cost to American taxpayers.
  • Restarts all currently paused border infrastructure contracts and increases funding for physical border infrastructure;
  • Hires 3,000 new DHS border security personnel and prioritizes hiring of military veterans and law enforcement agents;
  • Creates a task force to detect and destroy cartel smuggling tunnels along the southern border;
  • Provides businesses the tools to verify the status of their workers.
  • Increases criminal penalties for illegal border crossings and immediately deports illegal immigrants who commit crimes;
  • Expands U.S. authority to go after transnational criminals, smugglers, human traffickers, drug traffickers, and gangs like MS-13 operating outside the United States; and
  • Fairly treats asylum seekers and those looking to contribute to our communities.
  • Streamlines the process to bring people into the country so businesses can get the workers they need.

In this country, when somebody breaks the law, we provide a way to get right with the law. If we speed, for example, we pay a fine. The Dignity Act creates a stringent process for those who are in the country illegally to get right with the law.

To begin the process, people have to come out of the shadows, pass a criminal background check, and register for a 15-year program. For the first 10 years, they’re required to hold down a job, obey the law, and pay taxes. They also pay a $10,000 fine for being here illegally – $1,000/year – as well as 2% of their income to fund the wall. If they complete these requirements, after 10 years, they begin a 5-year program. They are required to learn English and U.S. civics. They must continue to obey the law and pay taxes. Although they pay taxes, they are not eligible for federal benefits or entitlements

After 15 years, they finally have the opportunity to go to the back of the line to apply for citizenship. They don’t become eligible for federal benefits or entitlements until they become citizens.

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