Our nation is facing the worst inflation in 40 years and Biden Administration policies have directly contributed to this crisis. The President’s energy policies brought historic highs in gasoline prices. Americans were hit with Biden’s gas prices even before Russia invaded Ukraine. The Democrats’ multi-trillion dollar spending schemes flooded the country and drove up the price of goods and services.

Where I Stand

President Biden has spent his entire career in Congress. He has never built a business. He does not understand the private sector or the most basic functions of our economy. He does not see how inflation is costing the average family $5,200 per year. He thinks he can solve rising inflation by passing another spending bill – another nearly $2,000,000,000,000 (yes, it takes 12 zeros to get to a trillion) – so he can give people the money to pay the higher prices. The more money Democrats flood into the economy, the higher prices soar. By blaming U.S. inflation on Putin, President Biden is recklessly avoiding responsibility and putting the U.S. economy, our national security and our food security at unprecedented risk.

I am fighting to help Republicans take the House back this year, permanently kill Build Back Better, and put a stop to Biden’s destructive agenda.


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