Net Neutrality

I strongly support a free and open Internet.

Where I Stand

Our booming tech sector — one of the most vibrant startup cultures in the country — makes this one of the most important topics in the 3rd Congressional District. More Utahns have contacted my office to express concerns regarding net neutrality than any other single issue and I have received more email and phone calls about net neutrality than all other issues combined.

I understand the importance of making equal access to information available to all and I realize how important it is to make sure our internet is free from blocking, throttling or paid prioritization.

I strongly believe that it is well past time for Congress to pass legislation to ensure that the Internet remains open, free, and able to continue to innovate and thrive. For that reason, I am an original cosponsor of H.R. 4682, the Open Internet Preservation Act. The aim of this bill is to prohibit internet providers from making it difficult — or even impossible — for users to access the lawful Internet content they want and need. This bill is an important starting point for a long-overdue conversation about today’s telecommunications.

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