Spending & Big Government

I have consistently fought against Washington’s irresponsible spending habits. I have voted no on every single bill to raise the debt ceiling and allow Washington to continue its out of control spending habits.

Where I Stand

The federal government’s addiction to spending is a substantial threat to our economy and national security. Skyrocketing overspending by Democrats in the past year and a half has exacerbated run-away inflation, a worker shortage, and worst of all, massive debt that will hurt our children and grandchildren.

In response, I introduced the Deal With Debt Today Act, a bill endorsed by Heritage Action, which would require that all future emergency or disaster spending be offset over a ten year period. It’s time for Congress to start making decisions about our country’s financial priorities.

In addition to out-of-control spending, the Democrats have massively expanded the scope of government and have continued to reach into our personal lives and into our jobs and small businesses. I’ve introduced and passed multiple bills to ease regulations on small businesses including the Small-Business-Community Banker COVID-19 Relief Act, the Rural Broadband Permitting Efficiency Act, the Small Business Access to Capital Efficiency (ACE) Act, and the Streamlining Permitting Efficiencies in Energy Development (SPEED) Act.

Utah’s 3rd Congressional District

My Work on Spending & Big Government


 Deal With Debt Today Act

Link to bill: https://bit.ly/SponsorHR6887


 Rural Broadband Permitting Efficiency Act

Link to bill: https://bit.ly/SponsorHR1047


Small-Business-Community Banker COVID-19 Relief Act

Link to bill: https://bit.ly/SponsorHR6385


Small Business Access to Capital Efficiency Act

Link to bill: https://bit.ly/SponsorHR6348


Streamlining Permitting Efficiencies in Energy Development Act

Link to bill: https://bit.ly/SponsorHR6088

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