Taking your voice to DC

Too many voters feel voiceless and powerless in the face of a vast, bloated federal government.

Where I Stand

Voters sometimes feel that their elected representatives do not listen to them. Your voice is powerful and reaches deep into the halls of Congress because I do listen and what you say matters to me.

In my first five months in Congress, I have held over 50 town halls, in every corner of the 3rd Congressional district. I have met and talked with you face to face. Your perspectives and feedback are invaluable. To represent you, I have to know you.

I made a promise when I first ran for Congress that I would represent ALL residents of the district and especially those who feel like they have no voice. I am working to keep that promise. Since my election, for example, it has been my great honor to visit the Navajo Nation three times, to meet and talk with their leaders. They have told me that I am the first member of Congress to meet with the Navajo Nation in over 100 years.

I know the best policy is made with the best information and the best information is gathered by talking to people with a diversity of opinion, experience, and insight. My town halls are a key ingredient in my pledge to take Utah values to Washington, DC and not the other way around. As I strive to build effective relationships in DC, in order to get things done for Utah, I pledge to remember every single day that my most important alliance is with you. When I come back to the district and look you in the eye, that’s the best form of accountability for the votes and decisions I make back in Congress. I won’t forget it.

Take Utah Values to DC

With your help, we can take Utah values to Washington D.C. to GET THINGS DONE.
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